About Foy

Me in the kitchen of our new house.
It came painted the colors of my blog,
how serendipitous. 
I'm Foy.  It's a family name in case you are wondering. 

I live in northeast Indiana.

I have a degree in horticulture and spent five years or so working in public gardens and arboretum.

In 2011, I left my job because my husband took a professorship at a small liberal arts university.

We had our first kid in June 2012!   I call her my June Bug Baby on this blog.  We are now awaiting a second little bug this summer.

I currently have a work for food arrangement with a local co-op. We have started our garden at the little yellow Victorian house and look forward to expanding in the summer.  On this blog you will find recipes and information on how I use the garden to stock our pantry.

After serving two years in the Peace Corps, I learned first hand about responsible eating.  I believe how we produce food and what we choose to eat can impact not only our health, but the heath of all natural systems.

You can also find me on pinterest and facebook! Contact me here!

Lately I have been interested in the Wahls Paleo Diet and eating nutritionally dense meals to prevent disease and keep my body and brain functioning optimally.  This is especially important for me as a breast feeding mom and as we look ahead to adding another munchkin to the family.

I started this blog back in 2005.  Over the years the focus has evolved.  Here are some of the topics you will find:
Tasty, healthy, responsible meals.
Wahls Paleo Diet post are under the series name Brain Food 
Foraging for foods like wild onions, morels, and berries.
Growing fresh fruits, herbs and veggies.  
Mindfully evaluating the things we own: Minimalism

Living with conviction and intention.
This blog has all my favorite meal ideas for nourishing home grown foods.  Recipe Index.

This is our Panama kitchen.
You will also find the complete journey of our Peace Corps experience on this blog. My husband and I served in Panama from 2007 to 2009. We blogged all 795 days, but you should start with Day 1.